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Game launch!

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I hope you are all as excited as we are! We will be launching June 1st, 2022 at 4pm Central time zone US/Canada!

May, 30th the servers will be turned off, ::item, ::fi, and ::master will be removed from the game. At this time ALL accounts will be reset (except owners ofc).

This will be your time to get your name of choice! Log in when we make the announcement to lock in your account.

If you have donated and you chose a different name than you had during the beta please do message me on discord Natez#0206 with your old username as I do have a list (and most are already ranked in the discord).

In preparation for launch we are fine tuning everything we can get our hands on, the website included. We have already added NEX Into the game along with the Zaryte crossbow, the Ancient godsword, and Torva!!

We are still currently working on TOB and that will sadly come after launch so be on the lookout for that.

A fully automated gambling system is currently in the works as well, That will hopefully be out this week or next week. 

We will be posting competitions for the game release, This will be your chance to win in game prizes as well as osgp! Stick around with us for more updates to follow! 

Please report any and all bugs in our discord so we can get them fixed asap! Thank you all for the amazing support you have shown us in the past couple of months and we look forward to growing with you all!

-Prifddinas staff team!

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