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  1. **UNOFFICIAL** All prices are subject to change, its been 3 weeks since the server has came out and I figured we needed a rough price guide. There is a larger price guide in the making however if y'all would like to make any changes to this guide; due to unfair pricing or such please drop a comment on this thread. SKILLING SUPPLIES Magic Logs: 10-15k ea Yew Logs: 5-10k ea Mahogany logs: 5-9k ea Teak Logs: 2-4k ea Runeite Ore: 15-20k ea Adamant Ore: 5-10k ea Gold Ore: 2-4k ea Mahogany Planks: 10k ea Teak Planks: 5k ea Dragonstone Uncut: 10-15k ea Diamond Uncut: 5-10k ea Dragon Dart Tips/Darts : 30-35k ea Rune Dart Tips/Darts: 10-20k ea Dragon Bolts: 5-8k ea Dragon Arrow Tips/Arrows: 30-35k ea Magic Seeds: 150-250k ea Dragon Pickaxe: 40-50m Dragon Axe 15-20m PVM/PVP SUPPLIES Sharks: 2-3k ea Dark Crabs: 5-7k ea Angler Fish: 10-12k ea Karams: 25-30k ea Saradomin Brews: 30-35k ea Super Restores: 25-30k ea Super Combats: 50k ea GEAR ITEMS Abyssal Whip: 8-10m Dragon Boots: 8-10m Amulet of Fury: 5-8m Dragonfire Shield: 15-20m Dragonfire Ward: 100-125m Ancient Wyvern Shield: 125-150m Archer's Ring: 15-20m Berserker Ring: 15-20m Seer's Ring: 15-20m Warrior's Ring: L0L Brimstone Ring: 35-45m Trident of the Seas: 25-30m Kraken Tent: 10-15m Magic Fang: 80m Toxic Blowpipe: 80-100m Serpentine Helm: 90-100m Armadyl Crossbow: 100-120m Saradomin Sword: 10m Staff of the Dead: 50-60m Zamorakian Spear: 40m Bandos Tassets: 80-100m Bandos Chest Plate: 80-100m Armadyl Chest Plate: 80-100m Armadyl Plate Skirt: 80-100m Armadyl Helmet: 80-100m Bandos God Sword: 100m Armadyl God Sword: 150-200m Saradomin God Sword: 75m Zamorak God Sword: 60m Wildy Weapons: 50m END GAME ITEMS Torva set: TBD Ancient God Sword: TBD Zaryte Cross Bow: TBD DragonHunter Lance: TBD Kodai: TBD Arcane Prayer Scroll: 80-100m Dex Prayer Scroll: 80-100m Dragon Claws: TBD Elder Maul: TBD Ancestral Set: TBD Twisted Buckler: TBD Dragonhunter Cross bow: TBD TWISTEDBOI: TBD Spectral Spirit Shield: 200-250m Arcane Spirit Shield: 400-500m Elysian Spirit Shield: TBD Anguish: 100m Torture: 100m Vesta's Long Sword: 200m Vesta's Spear: 120-150m Statius Warhammer: TBD Dragon Warhammer: TBD
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