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  1. Ah, accidentally removed it when editing the thread. Fixed it though, thank you for pointing that out.
  2. The launch of Prifddinas has done great, and we'd all like to thank all of you guys for all the testing and bug reporting you've done so far, it helps us a ton. We've all had a great time so far and we can't wait to see the future progress of the server, so again to you guys, thank you! Here's the updates for tonight ; Firstly, we will be upgrading the servers shortly. The thieving stalls now work properly along with having the proper object ID's when you thieve from them. The Lizardmen Shamans have been nerfed a bit. You can no longer use range or melee in the Mage Arena. The achievements have now been locked to 1 per IP and MAC A few of the achievements have also been fixed, they weren't counting towards your achievement. The tournament smuggle has been fixed and removed. The Farming guild patches will now work properly as they should. Removed the "reset stats" option from Mac. The 80 Prayer achievement has been nerfed a bit. Crystal slayer has been added, the drop tables are still being added and worked on. Donator ranks for Diamond + will now recieve noted green d'hide leathers from Green Dragons. Removed skill lamps from the Wilderness Resource Area. Fixed Wilderness Slayer. The Mushtree system has been added. The Well of Goodwill has been fixed. The reported Gambling bug has been fixed. Farming guild fixes ; (fixed the npcs etc) The Wintertodt achievement has been fixed. - It wasn't counting toward the actual achievement. - Fixed where you would not receive noted planks in the achievement cutting magics. Added a new teleport interface to the teleport wizard. Added the Rogues outfit pieces, you will now recieve the pieces randomly while training Thieving. Inferno waves have been changed for donator ranks ; Zenyte - 69 Onyx - 69 Dragonstone - 69 Diamond - 66 Ruby - 64 Emerald - 62 Sapphire - 60 Regular Player - 58 Fixed some of the map clues that were bugged and not working properly. Fixed "Dig between some ominous stones in Falador." The magic shortbow (i) has been nerfed a bit. Fixed the reset option on hunter traps, you can now reset them instad of having to pick them up and replace the trap. Group ironman fixes ; (new interface and group overview) Scratch cards have been added. The Deadman mode sigils have been fixed. If you have any issues or bugs to be reported, please make sure to report them and let us know in detail so we can jump on the fix as soon as possible. We appreciate all the effort from you guys! - Prifddinas Staff Team
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