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  2. **UNOFFICIAL** All prices are subject to change, its been 3 weeks since the server has came out and I figured we needed a rough price guide. There is a larger price guide in the making however if y'all would like to make any changes to this guide; due to unfair pricing or such please drop a comment on this thread. SKILLING SUPPLIES Magic Logs: 10-15k ea Yew Logs: 5-10k ea Mahogany logs: 5-9k ea Teak Logs: 2-4k ea Runeite Ore: 15-20k ea Adamant Ore: 5-10k ea Gold Ore: 2-4k ea Mahogany Planks: 10k ea Teak Planks: 5k ea Dragonstone Uncut: 10-15k ea Diamond Uncut: 5-10k ea Dragon Dart Tips/Darts : 30-35k ea Rune Dart Tips/Darts: 10-20k ea Dragon Bolts: 5-8k ea Dragon Arrow Tips/Arrows: 30-35k ea Magic Seeds: 150-250k ea Dragon Pickaxe: 40-50m Dragon Axe 15-20m PVM/PVP SUPPLIES Sharks: 2-3k ea Dark Crabs: 5-7k ea Angler Fish: 10-12k ea Karams: 25-30k ea Saradomin Brews: 30-35k ea Super Restores: 25-30k ea Super Combats: 50k ea GEAR ITEMS Abyssal Whip: 8-10m Dragon Boots: 8-10m Amulet of Fury: 5-8m Dragonfire Shield: 15-20m Dragonfire Ward: 100-125m Ancient Wyvern Shield: 125-150m Archer's Ring: 15-20m Berserker Ring: 15-20m Seer's Ring: 15-20m Warrior's Ring: L0L Brimstone Ring: 35-45m Trident of the Seas: 25-30m Kraken Tent: 10-15m Magic Fang: 80m Toxic Blowpipe: 80-100m Serpentine Helm: 90-100m Armadyl Crossbow: 100-120m Saradomin Sword: 10m Staff of the Dead: 50-60m Zamorakian Spear: 40m Bandos Tassets: 80-100m Bandos Chest Plate: 80-100m Armadyl Chest Plate: 80-100m Armadyl Plate Skirt: 80-100m Armadyl Helmet: 80-100m Bandos God Sword: 100m Armadyl God Sword: 150-200m Saradomin God Sword: 75m Zamorak God Sword: 60m Wildy Weapons: 50m END GAME ITEMS Torva set: TBD Ancient God Sword: TBD Zaryte Cross Bow: TBD DragonHunter Lance: TBD Kodai: TBD Arcane Prayer Scroll: 80-100m Dex Prayer Scroll: 80-100m Dragon Claws: TBD Elder Maul: TBD Ancestral Set: TBD Twisted Buckler: TBD Dragonhunter Cross bow: TBD TWISTEDBOI: TBD Spectral Spirit Shield: 200-250m Arcane Spirit Shield: 400-500m Elysian Spirit Shield: TBD Anguish: 100m Torture: 100m Vesta's Long Sword: 200m Vesta's Spear: 120-150m Statius Warhammer: TBD Dragon Warhammer: TBD
  3. I present to you animalRSPS’ Prifddinas Zulrah guide! First image is to show you the tiles to mark. These tiles are the ONLY tiles that the red player dots indicate. The second has all the known rotations of Zulrah in the Prif server. Enjoy and hope this helps some of you!
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